What is the University Grant Commission

UGC  established in 1946 to regulate and control the universities in accordance to maintain the education industries. UGC has its own norms and policies that should be followed by the universities which come under it and having approval from it. Approval form UGC, if any university is fulfilling all the essential documentation and mandatory things as well. University can be claimed for UGC affiliation.

UGC endows esteem to universities in India and gives funds to such recognized universities and colleges. Prof. Ved Prakash is the incumbent Chairman of UGC. University Grant Commission headquarters is in New Delhi. It’s six regional centers in  Kolkata, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Bangalore, and Pune.

It has come to the notice of the University Grants Commission that some of the State Private Universities have affiliated colleges and started off-campus center (s) in violation of the UGC (Establishment of and Maintenance of Standards in Private Universities) Regulation, 2003 and against the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court in case of Prof. Yash Pal & Others vs. State of Chhattisgarh & Others. Some of these Universities are running these Centres on a franchising basis also which is not allowed.

University Grant Commission built up to boost and sustain academic level & quality and command the universities in India. Universities and colleges that come under UGC are get funded to provide and sustain the quality of education. Education can be served in a better way to the students until then education can be utilized by the students to make a better future path in India and across the globe.

It shall be the common task of the Commission to win in consultation with the Universities or other bodies apprehensive, all such stepladder as it may imagine fit for the encouragement and organization of education of university and for the will power and maintenance of principles of training, assessment and examine in Universities.

Need of UGC: Most of the university do willfulness after making a reputation in the education industry and do not endow quality work or standard education or fail to maintain the education level. That time UGC works wonder as its controls and informs them to maintain their study culture or campus so that no scholar can remain deprived of the right level of education within the nation.

The need for UGC comes in basically for 2 things:

•    For funding universities to bestow the best education pattern in India.
•    To have control over the universities so that no university do willfulness in the sector of education.

How UGC Works?

UGC has its own rules and regulations which are applied on those universities of all over India which come under it. It means universities that have taken recognition from the UGC necessitates to follow the guidelines created by the UGC and no university under UGC can go against it. They have to follow all the rules and regulations of UGC whether relating to course curriculum, exam pattern, admissions and result declaration, etc.

Universities or Institutes which claim approval from UGC need to fulfill all the formalities asked by the UGC and after getting approval, those universities get funded by the UGC to run and maintain that university but they need to run their university or institution as per UGC guidelines.

UGC fundamentally release buy viagra funds after providing the approval to that particular university to run and maintain the standard towards the education of Indian scholars by enhancing the right learning culture within the country. UGC keeps control and maintain control over university so that no universities can willfulness with education or can spoil the education culture.


Only those universities or institutes can get UGC recognition who maintains the genuinity of their educational organization. No fake or fraud one can register their educational organization with UGC because applicant university/institute has to fulfill the criteria decided by the UGC if any university fails to fulfill the UGC criteria then that university will not get approved from it. As a result, the student will not get cheated in the name of education by any university. In case if any university unfollows the UGC guidelines then UGC has the right to blacklist that particular university so that scholars can be aware of the university current status. Once the university gets approval from the UGC, it also gets funded to initiate and run the educational organization and this financing is enough to help for the claimed university.

Disadvantages: UGC has some disadvantages too that are defined below:

•   Universities have to follow the guidelines of UGC in most educational matters whether it suits to that university or not.

•    Particular university cannot change or modify the syllabus or curriculum as per business industry needs, they have to follow the old syllabus until the UGC change it. Similar way no university can schedule exams pattern or schedule and result declaration until the UGC permit for it.

•    No university or institute can schedule any examination in the mid of the session or arrange on-demand examinations if it is demanded by the students.

•    If any university wants to add any curriculum in their campus than that university has to prove their self that they can bestow that particular course, for instance, they have to show the campus space, student demand, faculty arrangement and systematic laboratory (if Required) etc.and if UGC find it relevant than that particular university will be permitted to proffer and endue that course study.

•    UGC can ban any course curriculum or syllabus any time without prior notice or information if you don’t find relevance in that program study.

•    UGC has right to black list any university or college any time if found irrelevant or in case any university don’t follow the guidelines of the UGC.

•    No university or institute can go against UGC if belong to UGC accreditation else it will disqualify from the tag of UGC recognition.

Conclusion: UGC (University Grant Commission is the statuary body that is made to provide right level education by different universities for diverse courses to have broad future of the scholars. Those universities are bounded by the same rules and regulations to be followed to adapt a better future of education.

It has a wide range of courses and colleges under it, the colleges are all working with this Institute to provide education to all the students in the world. Some of the Courses are given below.

UG CoursesPG CoursesMBA Universities
BAMAMBA BankingNIMS University
BComM COMMBA FinanceSubharti university
BCAMCAMBA  ITPeriyar University
BSCMSC MBA  Marketing
BSC ITMSC ITMBA  Supply ChainIntegral University


D PharmaUGC Graduation one year
B PharmacyMsc MathsMA Human Rights
Marine EngineeringMsc ChemistryMA History
MSC Bio TechnologyBsc YogaMA Education
Msc BotanyBsc Microbiology MA English
MSc ZoologyBsc CSBBA Hardware
MSc PhysicsBSC Bio TechnologyMBA One YEAR
MSc EnvironmentBsc TelecomMBA -Airport 
Msc ElectronicsBsc Hotel MA One Year
MSc microbiologyDiploma Lab TechPart Time MBA