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An accelerated Online One Year Degree program is intended to require as very little as 2 years to finish through distance education. Students take categories all year long while not breaks and categories are typically compressed into 5- or 8-week terms rather than the 18-week semesters of a conventional university schedule. each brick-and-mortar and online-only schools have accelerated one-year degree programs online, remarkably leading to degrees in business, management, health care or general studies. Several accelerated programs are offered as a degree completion program for college students who already hold previous work.

{ This is a Breaking Study Process only for dropout Candidates }


This is a question that will come to many people’s mind when they will go to reasonable online degrees. This is because of the program in our mind that calls out those economical things are not reliable, so the next thing that comes to their mind is if it’s an affordable degree it’s not reliable. Now I will tell you how this works. Almost all degrees that are available online are affordable. This is because the institutes don’t have to spend hefty funds on the maintenance of infrastructure. So how can you tell a reliable degree from the one that is not? It can be done by checking if the institute that you are applying to is accredited. The good thing about the online educational institutes is that it only keeps those sites on its list that are accredited; hence it in a way saves your time while saving your money. In the duration of online one year, universities try to cover all are the subjects in minimum time.

Note: { This is a Breaking Study Process only for dropout Candidates }

Eligibility for Online One Year Degree course:  Candidates, who have passed their 10+2, can apply for this course or students who failed in 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year buy cheap viagra also can apply.

Specialization Courses in One year Program: These Professional courses can be in the form of degree or diploma certificates depending on the time period. Few of the subjects or courses available are as following.


Admission Procedure for Online One Year Degree – Candidates can easily follow this simple Online Procedure, where they can apply online for their admissions:
1. If necessary, the Centre will assist you in filling up and submitting your online form.  You can reach us easily through call on our website number or our mail ID and our counselors will get in touch with you.
2. Carry the relevant documents required and visit your nearest Authorized Centre.
3. Print out of your form, sign and affix your photograph and submit it along with the required eligibility documents to the University. Fee payment has to be made in any one of the modes mentioned in the Prospectus.
4. If the application is complete and the University receives the relevant eligibility documents, the applicant will be granted admission and a confirmation email sent out. All study material and ID card will be mailed through the Authorized Center.
5. After finalizing the course and University, you have to mail the documents required and pay the fees through Pay U, NEFT, bank deposit and Cheque for further proceedings.


UG CoursesPG CoursesMBA Universities
BAMAMBA BankingNIMS University
BComM COMMBA FinanceS1 university
BCAMCAMBA  ITPeriyar University
BSCMSC MBA  Marketing
BSC ITMSC ITMBA  Supply ChainIntegral University


D PharmaUGC Graduation one year
B PharmacyMsc MathsMA Human Rights
Marine EngineeringMsc ChemistryMA History
MSC Bio TechnologyBsc YogaMA Education
Msc BotanyBsc Microbiology MA English
MSc ZoologyBsc CSBBA Hardware
MSc PhysicsBSC Bio TechnologyMBA One YEAR
MSc EnvironmentBsc TelecomMBA -Airport 
Msc ElectronicsBsc Hotel MA One Year
MSc microbiologyDiploma Lab TechPart Time MBA