IMTS is an education web portal. The aim of IMTS is to promote Distance Learning / Distance Education so that every individual should get educated and not remain deprived of it due to barrier like a financial issue, distance, and time problem and so on.

IMTS provides an aspirant with a huge variety of courses in varies fields of Management, Technical, Traditional, Computer, Research, Diploma and certification courses. Counseling is always done keeping in mind the job prospect and future scope of the student. The Universities for which the counseling is done are approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC), All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and Distance Education Council (DEC).

IMTS Education Portal has got its presence in Pan India including Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kerala and many other cities. Courses like MBA Distance EducationExecutive MBA, BBA, B.Tech, BCA, and MCA are offered by the Universities details available on this portal. IMTS is promoting distance education and online courses because it enables a student to continue the course which is dropped before due to some barriers, distance education and online courses can reach a student beyond Geographical boundaries, it also working as an opportunity for the working class- study and work simultaneously.

The idea behind the Graduation In One Year is to unravel the issues of youth and Working professionals who missed their studies after 12th or interrupted their Graduation.


It has got its presence in around 140 countries including United States Of America, United Kingdom, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Nepal, Australia, South Africa, and many more. It has completed 16 successful years of its establishment.



Following the changes in society and lifestyle it has become mandatory for an individual to maintain standard and for that a decent job or profession is required. Designation in a job depends on the qualification of the candidate. What if the candidate has not completed the education due to some when will generic viagra be available problems in past? Should he/she loose the opportunity? No, they should not because IMTS Education Web portal is working to assist and support such candidates who need to complete their education to grab a better opportunity in their career which they were about to lose because of the academic issues. We aid the candidates to complete the education through distance learning.
Working professionals never gets the time to visit Universities to get the admission procedure complete. Apart from admission there are many other formalities which need to be done. But due to busy working hours it becomes difficult for a working professional to find out time for completing the formalities of University. Here also IMTS Education Portal helps the candidates to take admission in universities and colleges.
IMTS and its team have reached the extreme rural areas where even a university can also never give a thought of reaching. We are making efforts to make them understand the importance of education and even we have got success to an extent. The candidates who were forced to drop their education in between due to distance issue, IMTS has bridged the gap between them and University by getting in touch with the candidates.
IMTS never charge any amount from the candidates as we are aware of the fact that education is the right of every individual and nobody has got the right to make a candidate deprived of education.