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marine engineering online distance learning

B.E. (Marine Engineering)


Marine engineering online distance learning: Marine Engineering Online Distance learning has a 4-year outlined syllabus to make perceive researchers to in art to work pontoons, ships, yachts, submarines and other seaward structures etc.Students need to exertion difficult to hands on experience on art extends with the goal that researchers can make their profession in configuration and development of watercraft.Scholars ought to have twelfth degree to end up a piece of marine Engineering.

marine engineering is the discipline of applying engineering sciences, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science, to the development, design, operation and maintenance of watercraft propulsion and on-board systems and oceanographic technology. Marine engineering includes the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other marine vessel or structure, as well as oceanographic engineering.


Bachelor of Marine Engineering Details:
Duration: 4 Years
Level: Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: (10+2 )or Equivalent


A master's program gives the student a year or two to study a specialty subject in greater depth, and build a foundation for marine engineering research. Some master's programs require each candidate to complete a master's thesis in lieu of more course hours.The master's curriculum would typically include advanced hydrodynamics and mathematics, along with higher-level coursework in the student's selected specialty.


Examination Mode: As per UGC norms all the examinations will be done in off mode.
Question- Are these universities are government or UGC approved?
Answer- All the above universities such as Periyar University, Karnataka State Open University are government based universities and approved by UGC.
Question-Is my degree applicable for foreign job and study?

Answer- Yes, your degree will be applicable equally for job in foreign country as well as further study there.
Question-Can my documents attested by government firms?

Answer- Yes, your degree can be attested by government firms such as embassy, HRD and MEA etc.


Career in Marine Engineering: Marine Engineering bestows bright and shiny career opportunities to the marine engineering students with high take home salary.


Some job titles of Marine Engineering can be explored:-

• Port Manager

• Maritime Educator

• Technical Superintendent

• Chief Marine Engineer

• Marine Surveyor

• Ship Operator

• Ship Manager

• Second Marine Engineer

• OIC of an Engineering Watch



• General Psychology with Alcohol and Drug Prevention

• Analytic Geometry with Solid Geometry

• Engine Watch Keeping and Engine Officers

• Ship Construction and Ship Stability

• Marine Pollution and Prevention

• Mechanics and Hydrinechanics

• Marine Vocabulary and Terms

• Marine Power Plant and Diesel

• Fuel & Oil Lubricants

• Spherical Trigonometry

• Aptitude for the Service

• Ship & Ships Routine

• Engineering Drawing

• Auxiliary Machinery

• Marine Power Plant

• Plane Trigonometry

• Engineering Physics

• Electro Technology

• General Chemistry

• Integral Calculus

• College Algebra

• Machine Shop

• Heat Balance

• Basic Safety   


UG Courses PG Courses MBA Universities
BA MA MBA Banking NIMS University
BCom M COM MBA Finance Subharti university
BCA MCA MBA IT Periyar University
BSC IT MSC IT MBA Supply Chain Integral University

D Pharma UGC  Graduation one year
B Pharmacy Msc Maths MA Human Rights
Marine Engineering Msc Chemistry MA History
MSC Bio Technology Bsc Yoga MA Education
Msc Botany Bsc Microbiology  MA English
MSc Zoology Bsc CS BBA Hardware
MSc Physics BSC Bio Technology MBA One YEAR
MSc Environment Bsc Telecom MBA -Airport 
Msc Electronics Bsc Hotel  MA One Year
MSc microbiology Diploma Lab Tech Part Time MBA

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