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Candidates who have discontinued the I & II year of the courses from the colleges of this university or any other universities or from Institute of Distance Education approved by UGC and AIV are considered for admission respectively to the II and III year eg. The course in the same or some other branch other faculty. This exemption is subject to the condition that they appear for the examinations conducted by this university and pass all the subjects for the entire course. They have to pay whole course fees plus /for break in studies.

Graduation in one year only possible in India. In the case of graduation in one year student have to give all three years exam combined then student can be complete his/her their own graduation in one year.

How Could you complete your graduation in one year – Student who want to complete or appear their graduation in one year, he must have minimum three (3) years gap in his study period or he discontinued his study,after completed intermediate. A student who having three(3) years gap or a student who discontinued his study after intermediate both are entitled to do graduation in one year.
Who offers graduation in one year – The biggest question is that who offers graduation in one year. Does university offers graduation in one year ? or Does institute offers graduation in one year answer of this question is that both are offers graduation in one year courses but there is different so question is that what are the diffrences.
Q.1 What are the diffrences between university graduation in one year courses ?
Ans.- A Course graduation in one year which is offered by the university, All universites courses and universities approved by (UGC)UNIVERSITY GRANDS COMMISION,OR (DEC) DISTANCE EDUCATION COUNCIL, (AICTE) ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION. And a graduation in one year courses which is offered by the university also valid for governmet job or private job and also valid in the semi govt. sector becouse it is degree and degree courses offers only university.
Q.2 What are the differences between institutes graduation in one year courses ?
Ans. A course graduation in one year which is offered by the institute approved only by the (NCT) National Capital Territory or ISO Certified and all the institute run under the (NGO) more and more stamped by MHRD, Embassy of India for doing job in abroad.
Biggest Differences between degree and diploma.
Degree - Degree is based on old syllabus if a student passed his B.A. in 2000, and a student passed his B.A. in 2005 so if we see the aftar five year syllabus of B.A. so we come to know the syllabus is same as it was in 2000 degree courses is based on old syllabus.
Diploma – Diploma is always updated study material of syllabus. It is based on current information science and technology, there are lots of MNCs they having their own carrier point which is offers diploma and certificates courses some universities also offers diploma courses and along with it certificate courses.

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